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New Application Process Flow




New Application

Determine the quotation requirement & gather required documents to submit the quota application at the designated government agency via online.  


Application Process

Different government agency will review the quota application & verifies the documents. Such as sub section for A&B  


A. Interview by Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia

JTKSM will arrange an interview/ inspection with the Employer and once approved by JTKSM, Employer will need to update the latest documents for another interview with KSM  

B. Interview by KSM

Interview will take place in Putrajaya and headcount approval letter from Ministry of Home Affairs. This process can be vary.  


Payment of Levy

After receiving approval from KSM, Employer will have to pay levy required by the Immigration Malaysia


Candidate Selection

Employer will then proceed to the selection of Worker via Biodata. Short interview will be given upon request


Calling Visa

Suitable candidate will be submitted via online for immigration approval


Notary Public

Preparation of documents for the attestation process, foreign affairs & translation required by the Embassy need to be legally authorized by notary public who verifies the identity of the document’s signatories and confirms that the document is genuine.


Oversea Process

Workers is ready to commit to work



Transport arrangement & airport clearance at KLIA 1 & KLIA 2



Arrangement for mandatory medical health screening at FOMEMA registered panel clinic within 30 days from arrival date in Malaysia.



Endorsement permit at state immigration allowing them to travel in Malaysia.

PA 1/13

Arrangement to Labour Office for submission 60K, Employment Act 1955

RTK 2.0 Process Flow

The Labour Recalibration Programme 2.0(Employment Recalibration Programme)




Consultation & assistance in registration of illegal foreign workers  


Passport Renewal or Loss

Preparation of documents and arranging transportation for passport renewal or reporting a lost passport to the embassy of a foreign worker's home country.  


Processing and verification

Assisting in gathering relevant paperwork to submit the application for regularization to the Immigration Department and thumbprint will be taken part in. The immigration department will review workers application and conduct necessary verification.  


Medical Examination

Mendatory scheduling and arranging medical examination to assess foreign workers health status at a designated clinic.


Filing Application

Assist employer to submit necessary documents along with supporting documents and payment of any applicable fees such as recalibration, visa, temporary working visit pass(PLKS), levy and processing fees to relevant government agency responsible for the program.


Approval and Permit Issuance

Foreign worker will be granted the necessary work permit or passes which allowing them to stay and work legally.


PA 1/13

Arrangement to Labour Office for submission 60k, Employment Act 1955 for declaration og the employer's compliance with employment laws, confirmation of adequate accommodation for the foreign worker.

Fees Structure

Sector Levy Pass Processing Fee Visa Security Bond
1-10 [Year(s)] 11-13 [Year(s)]
Construction, Manufacturing Service, Mining & Quarrying RM 1,850 RM 6,000 RM 60 RM 125 Based on
Plantation &
RM 640 RM 2,000 RM 60 RM 125
Housemaid (1 pax) RM 410 RM 60 RM 125
Housemaid (2 and more pax) RM 590/pax RM 60 RM 125
Nationality Visa Security Bond/IG
Bangladeshi RM 20 RM 500
Cambodian RM 20 RM 250
Filipinos RM 36 RM 750
Indonesian RM 15 RM 250
Nepalese RM 20 RM 750
Pakistani RM 20 RM 1,500
Vietnamese RM 13 RM 1,500
Table 1
Remark * - Visa fees vary depending on the nationality (refer to Table 1)
Remark ** - FOMEMA fees for Male RM 180, FOMEMA fees for Female RM 190
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